KIT Trading and the product manufacturer ICT will provide full sales support to those who are located in different countries and have built partnership with us.

The support we provide will give our distributors a great advantage that has not been implemented in any other consignment sales.
We will provide support on generating leads, concluding sales agreements, and increasing customer values using various tools.

Of course, we are prepared to implement various measures to generate profits for our distributors – including a unique cash-back system and distributor-exclusive promotions, which we believe will greatly contribute to increases our distributor’s profits.

Those who thinks that ultrasonic flow meters are difficult to sell because of their higher prices compared to the other types of flow meters, no worry, we will give you thorough guidance on the systems and ideas that will enable you to sell the products.

Those who had difficult time selling products because of a poor support from manufacturers, no worry, we promise to provide satisfactory support through our unique system.

More details will be privided privately. Contact us now!
*We limits number of distributors in each country and region. Because of it, kindly note that we may make a decision to close the list for certain countries or regions.

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