New high accuracy Ultrasonic Flow Meters (made in Japan) just released! We are currently accepting new distributors – Hurry!

Our Mission


I have been engaged in the measuring instrument business for 24 years since 1991. During my career, I have sold measuring instruments of every Japanese manufacturer for 20 years in Japan, for three years in China, and for one year in Southeast Asian countries.

As a sales professional, I have supplied the products the total amount of more than 4 billion Japanese Yen (not yet calculated exactly, though,) to hundreds of companies. With all of these achievements and expertise, the new company, KIT Trading Co., Ltd. was established.

In this company, I decided to sell Japanese ultrasonic flow meters as the first product.

This is because I convinced that they were excellent products that would surely be a big hit from my point of view as a measuring instrument sales professional. The excellent advantages that these products have will be described in a separate section.

The reason why I decided to sell these ultrasonic flow meters – because the manufacturer ICT Co., Ltd. who developed these flow meters is a firm consisting of trustworthy and excellent people. During these 24 years, I have been engaged in sales of various other products and services provided by this manufacturer. They never failed to meet my and my customers’ expectations. This has been proven in a number of projects. There are companies who have large advertisements, but dealing with such companies often made me disappointed, and taught me how they were deceptive. In such a world, a manufacturer that constantly strives to satisfy customers is invaluable. Now, I feel pleasure in selling the products of this company, and at the same time, overwhelmingly want people throughout the world to know what this is like.

Contact me, and I will show you how nice the products and the manufacturer are. I believe this will bring great satisfaction and success to you.

In the field of measuring instruments, intense competitions have been very popular not only in Japan but also in many places of the world. I will also give you the expertise required to be a winner in these competitions.


Latest News Release


  Smartphone compatible Caloriena (May 28, 2014)

  Dynamic Zero Calibration Function (May 28, 2014)

  Auto detection of a pipe wall thickness (May 28, 2014)


Products ultrasonic flow meters

Ninja flow meters    Caloriena flow meters

Caloriena has been officially released!
Caloriena supports the pipe sizes of DN 25 mm to DN 100 mm. The components to support pipe sizes exceeding DN 100 mm will also be available for sale soon.

Caloriena has the distinguished features as below:
*We have achieved the following specifications at amazingly reasonable prices:

1. High Accuracy Measurements
The ultrasonic flow meters‘ high-end accuracy of ±0.6 RD is guaranteed at a low fluid velocity range of 0.5 m/sec. No other companies’ products have achieved such a high accuracy at this price.

2. Compact and Easy-To-Handle Sensors
With tools of unique design with creative ideas, the sensors can be mounted on pipes easily by anyone. If you have felt a sense of inconvenience when mounting a flow meter on a pipe, we believe the design of this product will fit your needs.
*A website is not enough to show how they are compact and easy to handle. Get one and see it yourself!

3. Simple Calibration
All what you need to do at the site is just to perform simple operation following the guidance displayed on an LCD screen! This will give you an actual feeling of our user-friendly design. In addition, the product comes with the “Dynamic Zero Calibration” feature that allows zero calibrations to be performed without disrupting the flow of water in the pipe. This makes measurements on already-installed pipes incredibly easy.

4. Auto Pipe Wall Thickness Detection
Caloriena comes with a function to determine the thickness of the pipes. Expensive ultrasonic thickness meters are no longer required! This means you are able to perform the necessary measurements even when a target pipe is so old and the drawing and specifications are not available any more. One of the advantages of this flow meter is that it is packed with such features that can be used without any additional costs.

5. Temperature Measurement Function
The ultrasonic sensor can accurately measure the temperature of the water in a range from 0 °C to 50 °C. Of course, it comes with an analog temperature output as standard. Thermal calculations required for equipment like air conditioning of buildings can be achieved at such a low price using this unit only.

6. Supports Networking Using Modbus
RS485 ports are available.
*An Optional Selection: Once this feature is added, the SD card cannot be used. This feature ensures that the product supports the communication network of the equipment of your office.



As you know, Japanese industrial products have earned high reputations in many countries for their excellent product qualities and providing services designed in the customers’ viewpoint. Like these highly reputed Japanese products, the ultrasonic flow meters we sell are reliable and high in quality enough to ensure the users throughout the world that they provide excellent performance during service.

Now we are looking for distributors who would like to sell our ultrasonic flow meters in your countries or regions, from all over the world.

Also, we are equipped with a completely new and revolutionary system that can fully support our distributors in their sales activities. It will provide our distributors with a new value that has not been implemented in measuring instrument sales yet.

We can assure you that building a partnership with us will open a path to the bright future of your company. Let us work together to expand sales of these flow meters as our largest weapon using the strongest system, and achieve great success.

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